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Case Studies

Wetrooms Design Ltd.

Today’s e-commerce market is a rapidly changing environment where success is determined not only by the quality of the product, but also by the quality of the user experience. When Wetrooms Design approached me, they were looking for an expert to help them improve customer interaction on their website. It’s a challenge I took on with enthusiasm, with the aim of not only improving functionality, but also increasing user satisfaction with the site.

Bartłomiej Biegun
UX Consulting
Used Apps
Adobe CC, Figma, RingCentral, Smartlook


Using the Smartlook tool, a series of heatmaps were created that visualised how users scroll and click through the site. These insights helped to understand which elements of the page were attracting the most attention and which might be overlooked by users. With this data, I was able to identify areas that could benefit from additional emphasis or modifications to improve interaction.

Extensive quantitative research was conducted, which included analysis of Google Analytics data. The focus was on key metrics such as average time spent on the site, rejection rates, conversions, user navigation paths and visit frequency per page. These findings provided a better understanding of how users navigate the site, what content interests them, as well as identifying any areas of difficulty.

Based on the research, a review of the site’s information architecture was carried out. The aim was to make sure that the information was presented in a way that was intuitive and understandable to users. Several areas were discovered that could benefit from improvements, such as reorganising the navigation menu, improving the product tagging system, and introducing more detailed search filters.

Comprehensive analysis and recommendations allowed Wetrooms Design to make the necessary changes to improve the overall UX on their site. The proposed modifications allowed Wetrooms Design to increase user engagement, improve conversions and overall satisfaction with the site. As a result, the client was extremely satisfied with the professional approach and practical advice, allowing me to continue our fruitful collaboration.