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Case Studies

Śląskie Laboratoria Analityczne

My role involved a comprehensive redesign of the Śląskie Laboratoria Analityczne website. The process began with a thorough initial analysis of the existing website, focusing on the core services of the laboratory. Recognizing their dedication to reliable laboratory testing and a broad spectrum of determinations was key. The laboratory’s extensive experience since 1991 in analyzing a significant portion of Poland’s population, impacting numerous medical diagnoses and health actions, provided a rich backdrop for the redesign.

Bartłomiej Biegun
Web UI, UX Design
Used Apps
Adobe XD, Figma


The primary goal was to enhance the user experience. This meant creating a design that not only looked modern but also facilitated an easy, informative journey for the visitors. Interactive elements such as detailed service descriptions, accessible contact forms, and clear job listings were integrated to encourage user interaction and provide comprehensive information about the laboratory’s services and achievements.

The tools and apps employed in this project included Adobe XD for prototyping and wireframes and Figma for high-fidelity designs. The solution was multifaceted: developing landing pages for promotional offers to improve user engagement and conversion rates; redesigning the website with a modern, user-friendly interface that highlights the laboratory’s services and achievements; and improving website navigation to facilitate easy access to essential information like services, contact details, and career opportunities.