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Case Studies

Custom Order Creator

The aim of the project was to create intuitive mock-ups (wireframe’s) of a custom order wizard that would enable Wetroomsdesign’s customers to order custom-sized sub-tiled shower trays in an easy and clear way.

Bartłomiej Biegun
Web UI, UX Design
Used Apps
Figma, Blender, Asana


The need to enable the ordering of sub-tiled shower trays with non-standard dimensions. The challenge was to ensure that the tool would be intuitive and accessible to users of different age ranges, while at the same time allowing all key product information to be specified accurately.


Creation of modern mockups (wireframes) for the custom order wizard. The design is based on minimalism and intuitive elements, so that the user understands at a glance exactly how to use the tool. Once the wizard process is complete, the user has the option to go on to finalise the order or generate a PDF with the information provided.

In the implementation of the wizard project for Wetroomsdesign, the activities were characterised by a deep understanding of the client’s needs, an analytical approach to research and the skilful use of interface design tools. A key part of our process was the creation of structural sketches (wireframes), which allowed us to visualise ideas, plan user interactions and test different concepts.

My approach emphasised the importance of the wireframing stage as a communication, planning and visualisation tool. Ultimately, it became a guarantee for a smooth execution and implementation of the project that brought satisfaction to both us and our client, Wetroomsdesign.